Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Syria - Autumn eclipses signal time for Assad to leave.


One has got to say that President Assad of Syria is nothing if not a clever operator. The fact that he is still holding onto power despite a year and a half of violence which turned into full blown civil war in Syria shows he has been able to keep the core of his support on his side. No less than 7 planets in mutable signs, all except Mars, Venus and Neptune make him able to twist and turn his position to his advantage. Now however, the heavens are turning against him. David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister on tour in the Middle East signalled today that he would agree to the safe passage of Assad out of Syria, if it meant an end to the bloodshed there. It just so happens that the next two new and full Moons are eclipses, and they will hit vital areas of Assad’s own chart and the Assad family regime one, so that request for Assad to go may well be heeded.

AssadRegime solar eclipse

The next solar Eclipse lands an exact hit on the Assad family regime ascendant at 21 Scorpio. This is the time that Assad’s father took power in a coup back in 1970 – he assumed power in May 1980 after his death. It also is conjunct the Sun on that chart and opposes the Saturn Moon conjunction on that chart. The Sun rules the Midheaven, this regime’s public profile and transiting Neptune is also square this Midheaven and square it’s own position at the nadir of the chart, the IC.  This is a devastating multiple hit which almost guarantees a change in the status of the Assad dictatorship. Neptune has been wearing away at this chart for some time now, dissolving and degrading but this eclipse signals a complete change in it’s status. As the Sun’s light is turned out by the passage of the Moon, so I believe the lights will eventually go out on this repressive and brutal regime.

PresidentAssad transits

Full Moons are often seen as a time of endings or of release, a time when the reflected light of the Moon is at it’s fullest extent. When that light is extinguished at a Lunar eclipse, it hits us more emotionally and internally than it’s solar cousin 14 days earlier, which affects us through external events affecting us. On the 28th November we have a Lunar eclipse in Gemini. This is going to be a very powerful one as the eclipsed Moon is at the tip of a Yod formed by a close Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn sextile to Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio. The Lunar eclipse at this time will also be conjunct Black Moon Lilith, a force of turmoil in the heavens and a place of loss and potential destruction. So we have a laser beam of change hitting Assad’s North Node, his place of destiny and the whole effect will be to shake his world to it’s very core.

This Saturn Pluto sextile as I have explained in previous articles asks us to give up control of a part of our lives and the focus on Assad’s North Node of this Lunar eclipse I think signals the end of the line for this dictator. What more emotionally destructive happening could happen to Assad than him losing his control on Syria, the country his family has ruled since 1970?

In my Saturn in Scorpio article back in September I wrote this :-

“Saturn entering this realm of darkness (Scorpio) immediately challenges Scorpio’s control. There may well be areas of your life, and this will equate to the house that Saturn is moving through where Saturn will wrestle control from you. Now this may cause panic, because Scorpio’s effectiveness is based all around control. Have you ever noticed Scorpios going into disintegration mode when they lose something valuable to them, something over which they had control? Saturn is teaching you lessons here, and the only way that you will be able to deal with it’s presence will be to adjust your thinking and ideas and accept that in order to proceed and make progress, you will have to give up something first. Opposing Saturn’s will is akin to banging your head against a brick wall, the only thing is that this wall is made of solid concrete and is several inches (or centimetres) thick. You’ll only be wasting your time and quite frankly you won’t win no matter how hard you try.

The key during this period is to accept the restrictions placed in front of you. It may be that you will have to share responsibilities, allow someone to take over part of what you own, that you don’t fight against giving up some power to gain some freedom, you might bring someone into the most secret and intimate areas of your life or just step up to the plate and face your fears head on.”

As I do not know what time Assad was born and I cannot tell where Assad’s natal Saturn is and how his chart is orientated. However, the message I think is loud and clear over the 14 days that these eclipses impact on his world. I believe the end game is very close now, and I expect he will flee into exile before the year is out.

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