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Pisces Rising – Monthly astrological forecast for December 2012


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Pisces as your rising sign, which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

Pisces Rising – December 2012

Through the initial weeks of this month, the Sun is passing through your 10th house of work and career. You should feel quite confident about your work and public situation early in December and now would be a good time to make plans for the future and consult with superiors to see how you might progress in your career. The likelihood is that you may be more in the spotlight or you may have to accept some new responsibilities; certainly you will be more visible to those around you than has been the case in the past, whether you like it or not. This transit is moving through one of the parental houses so issues involving your parents, or more pertinently your father could be of importance. In the final week of December, the Sun moves into your 11th house, and as it does the importance of friends and teamwork will become more prevalent. On the 3rd the Sun makes an opposition to Jupiter, so you may feel optimistic and willing to try a new approach in your work to improve your effectiveness. The new Moon occurring on the 13th highlights work issues, and you may be asked to take on more responsibilities or be involved in a new project.

Mercury starts off December in your 9th house, so you may be involved in legal matters now, you could be on your travels or you may have been doing some study or courses to expand your understanding and education. On 11th Mercury encounters a square to Neptune that may ask you to sacrifice your principles over a matter. This is a spiritual and faith based square and you may be delving into your consciousness to justify your beliefs. If you are studying, you will need a lot of peace and quiet to concentrate properly on what you are doing. As Mercury enters Sagittarius and makes a trine to Uranus on 14th, you will start to look to see how you can progress your career in the early months of 2013. This includes seeing if you can increase your income potential with a possible pay rise.

Venus also is moving through your 9th house in the first two weeks of December, so all the matters of learning, faith studies, travel and legal issues should be going in your favour. Trips abroad will especially be rewarding and fun and you may make new contacts and long-term friends. Venus enters into a dreamy square with Neptune on 14th and this may see you in a very confused and rather spaced out mood. Don’t try to do any technical or complicated work on this day, as you will be liable to making mistakes. Venus enters your 10th house now and your popularity at work will increase; relations with your boss and your father will be good too. Venus trines to Uranus on the 19th and you may get a financial surprise coming your way, a Christmas bonus perhaps? The temptation to spend recklessly is also increased now, so be aware that any money can slip through your hands at a very fast pace.

Mars is moving in your 11th house of friends, associations, hopes and desires through December. Your needs will be best served now if you co-ordinate your actions with friends or colleagues, it’s time to be the team player rather than trying do your own thing and go it alone. Any physical activities like team sports will be enjoyable and you may have success in these areas.

The intense Full Moon on 28th December in Cancer makes an impact in your 5th house opposite to Pluto and square to Uranus. A friend or group could be inhibiting your space and confidence now as they try to impose their will on you. The Moon in Cancer is defensive and it is likely that you will try to protect your individual rights and freedoms against them. This influence may pass soon, but it could leave a lasting impression on you into the New Year. Don’t let it spoil your own celebrations and mood as we head for 2013.

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