Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama Wins - Reflections on the day after the night before...

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I feel quite satisfied and vindicated today as Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney to secure himself a second term in the White House. I predicted this back in May, and since then I wondered and worried if I had missed something, if I had misjudged the strength of the aspects I had seen. I don’t know about how other astrologers feel and whether they trust their instincts, but I always seem to severely doubt my own ability to see things accurately. I think I should trust my instincts more, as so often, especially recently, I have been close or correct on much that I have written here on Solaris Astrology. Lucky or insightful? I let you my loyal readers be the judge of this...

Now of course the recriminations in the US will begin as a deeply divided nation wakes up to the path that it has chosen; there will be anger in the air now as this was a hugely divisive contest. I am going to point out a date to you not so far into the future and I want you to keep a keen eye on it, because it deeply affects the US natal chart and the newly elected President's one too.

USSiblyChart natal

On 28th November we have a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini conjunct Black Moon Lilith, not a nice combination as I am sure you will agree. This eclipse is at the focus point of a yod with inconjunct aspects hitting the Moon and Lilith from an almost exact Mars Pluto conjunction and a Saturn Venus conjunction (these conjunctions are in sextile aspect).

BarackObama transit

Against the US natal chart, this Lunar eclipse and Lilith hits the US Uranus (2 degree orb), and placed against Obama's natal chart, the Lunar Eclipse and Lilith make an almost exact square to Obama's natal Pluto (0:12 degrees)!! This is not nice by any stretch of the imagination, as an eclipse to Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, will permanently alter something in Obama's life, and through the same hit, the US may have to endure a potential event that could shock the country to the core. Will these two aspects be linked, and when might these happenings they promise occur? Lunar eclipses are emotional and internal in nature unlike Solar eclipses which seem to be more external. How this will play out in Obama’s life and the in the future of the US nation, I am yet to fully work out, simply because of the dubious origins of both charts involved.

The fixed stars for the 28th look no better. Mars and Pluto will be closely conjunct Facies which does has a very determined, ruthless and reckless side to it, and the transiting South Node will be sitting on Capulus, a potentially violent star in Perseus. The South Node will at the same time be square to the US natal Moon and exactly square to Obama's natal Uranus (his chart ruler) and North Node conjunction. Nodal hits, especially squares bring fate knocking at your door, and often in a way you will not expect, and squares to a nation's Moon generally will affect the population and people in some way. Please note I use the US Sibly chart with the Moon at 27:10 Aquarius and with the Scorpio Rising chart the natal  Moon is at 25:28 Aquarius. With the transiting South Node at 26:06 Taurus, this square will affect both of these US natal charts pretty much equally.

To complete the picture, the transiting Mars Pluto conjunction will be trine to Obama's Pluto (1 degree orb) and the Saturn Venus will be in a sextile to it. Remember, easy aspects allow things and events to happen!!

I do absolutely hate posting potentially troubling aspects as I feel a huge weight on my shoulders whether I am right or wrong, but seeing this picture looming if Obama won, I now feel duty bound to point it out to you.

Remember, nothing is 100% certain in Astrology and so called bad aspects can actually be a force for good sometimes, precipitating needed change. Let's hope on this last point that I am right...

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