Thursday, November 08, 2012

China begins the process to usher in a new set of leaders


In Beijing at the Great Hall of the People, the current Chinese President Hu Jintao has been chairing a congress of 2000 hand-picked delegates to oversee a new Chinese administration. I an curious who actually selects the timing for the new leadership congress in China and I wonder if the Chinese actually secretly look at Western Astrology and the planets to select the days, as this conference date was set months ago and yet it is perfectly aligned against the natal Chinese chart for a change in administration.

China transits

Ok, the Chinese natal chart has an Aquarian Ascendant, a Scorpio Midheaven and a secretive 8th house Libran Sun, so this is a very cool and distant country, very fixed, determined and with a cruel streak (Mars Pluto conjunct in Leo) but based on social(ist) values. When they make decisions, they will be made behind closed doors and in truth the Chinese are an insular nation, probably more concerned about the goings on in their own land and protecting their own interests rather than worrying about what other nations are doing.

As the leadership congress started, the North Node was bang on the Chinese Midheaven, highlighting favourable issues to do with the succession. A note here just off tangent. This North Node is now set to enter the Chinese 9th house right now at the same time as Saturn now in Scorpio is moving into the same house so watch out for the Chinese wanting for once to assert their authority on the world stage for the next 2 years – this worries me quite a lot, as the new Chinese leadership might want to “flex their muscles” to  prove their worth. 

Moving back to the leadership change, with Aquarius and Scorpio dominant on this chart, you would expect their ruling planets Uranus and Pluto to be making some significant aspects to change the face of the country as well as to freshen it up (Uranus/Aquarius) and to see a transition of power at the top (Pluto Midheaven). They are. Transiting Pluto moving through the 11th house of “the party” and government is opposing natal Uranus and making a square to the Chinese Sun, showing the change of power being made is behind the scenes (8th house) by a selection of those highest in Chinese society (5th house).

Transiting Uranus moving through the 2nd house of money and finances, national wealth and Chinese self-esteem is opposing the Chinese Sun and making a square to it’s own position, bringing a freshness to the new leadership. Transiting Saturn is making a square to the secluded 12th house Moon representing the population and the Ascendant, the face of the nation. Saturn rules this 12th house (Capricorn on the cusp) so there is a fear in the leadership of the hidden enemies within, and as a result their prisons are harsh institutions – a lot of awful and nasty stuff will go on beyond prying eyes. Back to this transit, and the nature of this square shows that a new leadership is being enforced on the country (Ascendant) and the people (Moon).

It is interesting that transiting Neptune is square this Midheaven. The overall impression I get will be of dreams being made, of light and inspiration coming out of the new leaders, but this aspect promises a lot of decisions being made behind the mist of deception and illusion. I wonder if this also means that a lot of underhand stuff will go on in the choice of this new set of leaders, or there will be much confusion over who to select?

There is one last piece of the jigsaw that I will put in to complete the picture. Transiting Pluto is now conjunct with the fixed star Facies again now for the last time before it moves on into mid Capricorn and Brady interprets this as “The end of one era and the beginning of the next”. In China, the rising superpower of the East, this rings very, very, true.

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