Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bus bomb in Tel Aviv injures 10 people.

Tel aviv bus

This could be a critical point in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. A bomb has exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv and initial reports say it has injured at least 10 people. It occurs as transiting Uranus is exactly square (0:01 degrees) to the Israeli natal Venus and is also trine the Israeli Moon representing the people. Venus the main target of this square rules the Israeli Ascendant and 8th house of death on the Israeli chart. The Moon sits in the 10th and rules the 10th of public reputation. Mars and Pluto also opposes Venus from the 3rd house of transportation.

Israel transits

In my post yesterday on Israel I said I didn't expect much chance of a truce with the planets as they were. Now I think there is absolutely no chance as Venus now approaches it’s ingress into Scorpio – Israel now will be on the highest of high alerts. We now approach an extremely dangerous set of aspects in the next couple of days as Mars squares to Uranus which is unstable and rebellious and then makes a conjunction of Mars and Pluto which is angry and destructive. We then have a very, very intense Lunar eclipse on 28th. The Israelis and Palestinians are looking into the face of a truly horrendous storm...

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