Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturn trine Neptune (Part 2) - Bringing deceit into full view.

3 cups trick

I mentioned yesterday on about the Saturn Neptune trine and how it can help you. In Astrology of course, there is always two sides to every story and this is why it is the most difficult of subjects to read and accurately predict. This is the second of two posts about the trine between the two outer planets making the aspect currently dominating the night sky.

Neptune is not only is the planet of unlimited possibilities, it is also the planet of deceit and things hidden behind the scenes. If you do have some secret locked away and you have any planets at 0/1 degrees (now) or at 4-5 degrees (June/July 2013) of any sign, then Saturn in Scorpio as sure as sure can be will unlock the door and make real and visible anything that was previously out of public view. Nothing will be safe - Saturn as the upholder of the law in the heavens will make sure of this. Just ask Lance Armstrong about the power of the Saturn Neptune trine - he has a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction at 0-1 degrees Sagittarius.

Jimmy Savile, the 60’s & 70’s DJ in the UK who recently passed away, is posthumously being accused of child molestation, while he was working for the BBC. He also had a planet in this degree zone of 0-1 Sagittarius, Mercury the planet of news and information square natally to deceptive Neptune. Between them, transiting Neptune (square to his natal Mercury) and Saturn are opening up all kinds of disgraceful allegations about his conduct when he was alive.

More scandals under this influence with other people in the public eye will surely follow...

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