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Virgo Rising - Monthly Astrological Forecast for October 2012

Autumn 6

The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Aries as your rising sign , which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

Virgo Rising - Your Month Ahead - October 2012

Background influences for October

The Sun is moving through your 2nd house through the first three weeks of October, and issues of money finances and the things in life that you find valuable and precious will be important to you. This includes you own personal possessions that you may want to show off to others; you may indeed have the impulse to go out and purchase or acquire something that will make you feel better. Sharing your own values and ideals to others is fine, but remember you can go too far and become overbearing and rather obnoxious, so try and remember to be more humble and moderate in your actions. This is generally a good time for business and financial transactions, so shopping trips and sorting out your personal finances will be on your agenda. In the last week of October, live will get busy as local issues as well as your brothers and sisters all take your attention.

Mercury is moving for most of the month in your 3rd and as a result your life will enter a more social phase where the matters of your local environment, your neighbours, community issues and education issues become more important. This is a time when you will not be able to relax at all, but you may well get to know people and neighbours in your local environment in a more amicable way and you may do a lot of running around making short trips and journeys. Your phone may be ringing constantly during this time, and you may have to deal with lots of letters, emails and correspondence.

As Venus enters Virgo and crosses your ascendant, you will emerge out into the wider world after a quieter period socially and you will have the urge to connect more with other people, and naturally they will be drawn towards you. This is a good time to be around friends and to enjoy life to the full. You will not be in an aggressive mood now and the need to defend yourself and your personal views is rather weakened by Venus here, so others could take advantage of this. Your appearance and how you look will be of great importance now, so you may make more of a conscious effort to appear stylish and attractive to others.

From the 5th through to the 7th 3 planets all change signs, Mars into Sagittarius and Mercury and Saturn simultaneously into Scorpio. As this happens you will get a lot more done in your home but the atmosphere there could get a lot more strained. Be careful how you express yourself, otherwise family tensions could rise.

Specific Planetary Aspects

Early into the month and on the 3rd October we have a Venus Neptune opposition squared by Mars. There is a possibility that may overly worry about a health issue or by events going on in your workplace. Don’t be fooled into doing things for somebody else that they should be doing in the first place.

On to the 15th when there is a new Moon in Libra hitting in your 2nd house. This is a great time to sort out your finances, make important purchases or make careful business decisions. In Libra, your mind will be focused in making sure that you are being treated fairly, and that you are getting a good deal. Don’t accept anything that is second best.

On the 17th Uranus receives a double hit from Mars and Pluto. Is debt or are joint finances an issue in your life? Now is a time when you can hopefully take some action to sort out these now. If you are single, there is the possibility that a new unexpected person could enter your life, someone who is unlike the normal type of person you normally are attracted to. On the 25th October, the Sun meets Saturn in Scorpio trine to Neptune. Saturn always tends to hold things up, so colleagues at work or maybe people associated with health or fitness could be frustrating you now, but they are doing it for a reason. Be patient, it will be worth the wait.

As we end the month, there is a full Moon occurring in Taurus opposing Saturn. This could well be a time when your personal beliefs may be tested by someone who is close to you, by a neighbour or a brother or sister perhaps. Saying that, this is a time when you will not be in a mood to back down to anyone, and you will stand your ground and defend your ideals. If you are travelling, please try to be respectful of local laws and customs.

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As with all general forecasts, this can only be a rough guide to the movements of the planets and how they may affect you. Would you like this forecast made even more relevant for you?

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