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Gemini Rising - Monthly Astrological Forecast for October 2012


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Aries as your rising sign , which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

Gemini Rising - Your Month Ahead - October 2012

Background influences for October

For you, the Sun in the first part of the month will be passing through your 5th house of children and creativity and for you this time of year is normally great fun. The Sun is very settled here and whether you are socialising or being creative, playing sport or engaging with children, life will seem quite light hearted and any serious issues you have will melt away for a while. Into the last third of the month and the Sun passes into the your 6th house and as this happens you will concentrate more on your work, routine and the state of your health. This is a house of service and so your efforts may well be directed to helping or aiding someone in some way, be it your boss or clients and customers.

This theme is also taken up by Mercury, which will be spending most of this month in your 6th house too. This is a great time to do any detailed or mentally challenging work, you will be able to plan and strategize very effectively. Discussions and dealing with work colleagues and employers should go smoothly, although be careful of not being over critical. You may notice that you will be taking a keener interest in your wellbeing and health, your diet and the state of your body in general. Any ailments may cause to worry a bit more than you usually do.

Venus moves through your 4th house during October, so through this month you may enjoy spending time at home looking after domestic issues or entertaining friends or guests. Relations with your parents may well be congenial and you may get the urge to improve the look of your home by purchasing new furniture, deciding it needs a lick of paint or a complete redecoration. As you may be so relaxed now, beware of putting on weight as you may have a love of good food and company. Luckily you have the Sun and the Mercury in the 6th to counterbalance the rather relaxed nature of this transit!!

From the 5th through to the 7th 3 planets all change signs, Mars into Sagittarius and Mercury and Saturn simultaneously into Scorpio. This is a significant shift in energies which you can harness in the next few weeks as you can take a more assertive and open attitude within one to one relationships, you may become more aware of a need to adjust or look at your daily routine or how you treat colleagues at work.

Specific Planetary Aspects

Early into the month and on the 3rd October we have a Venus Neptune opposition squared by Mars. Here we have a bit of a problem of what to believe and who to believe. You may be getting conflicting signals from people close to you now in how to live your life and what line you should follow. Tension at work may also make you more confused still. If you need to, take a step back and take your time to let this aspect clear before you make any concrete decisions. Back your own judgement and you’ll be ok.

Moving to mid month and the New Moon in Libra on the 15th lands in your 5th house. Much of your energies at this time will be directed to affairs of the heart and issues of children and intellectual pursuits; it's time to be artistic or take up a new hobby or sport, or to go out enjoy and be sociable. If you are single, a new love affair can be initiated by this Sun Moon conjunction.

On the 17th Uranus receives a double hit from Mars and Pluto. For a while now your personal ambitions have been changing and your attitudes of sharing the burden of responsibility with others has been changing too. This connection brings an idea of using your energies effectively in partnership with someone to continue that journey, although flashpoints and disagreements will come along, and now may another one of those occasions. On the 25th October, the Sun meets Saturn in Scorpio and makes an easy trine aspect to Neptune. This is a lovely, inspirational connection especially if you in anyway learning something new or are artistic as your ideas now can be translated into a more permanent form.

As the month ends, we have a full Moon in Taurus opposite to Saturn. This full Moon encourages you to make some sort of sacrifice or provide some kind of service to someone else. The need to have some independent time for yourself is strong and is something that will allow you work out what changes you need to make to reinvigorate your life. It is possible that some type of secret or issue may now come to light now which will affect your daily routine, relationships with work colleagues or the state of your health.

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