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Is Anders Behring Breivik a psychopath?


Back in July 2011 I looked at Anders Behring Breivik and his horoscope and showed his link to the Norway twin terror attack? Since then, the debate has raged on to whether he is a psychotic, a bit of a lunatic or just very focused and dangerous with it. Today in light of the debate raging in Norway over his conviction as being totally sane in carrying out his atrocious acts, I once again I attempt to take a slightly more detailed look into the mind of a mass murderer.

AndersBehringBreivik natal

To determine how someone reacts mentally to any situation you have to focus in on Mercury which rules the mind and also on his conditioning earlier on as he grew up, i.e. how he was treated as a child. Even though as an astrologer one does subscribe to the view that from birth you come into life with a pre-destined set of energies that you will have to cope with, the influence of your parents is a very important factor in what behavioural context you will tackle those pre-destined challenges. It would be easier for an astrologer if we also had a birth time for Anders, but no official time has ever been given.

With Anders Behring Breivik, taking the influence of his parents first, even without a birth time, the Moon and Nodal axis representing the mother is affected by a conjunction to Saturn, so I am in no doubt that his mother was cold, strict and uncaring yet, with a conjunction, there would have been a bond between the two. With the relationship to his father, Saturn is retrograde and we now know that his parents divorced when Breivik was just one year old. This completely holds up the delineation of Saturn retrograde, namely the he failed to receive love from a father figure in his upbringing. From the evidence on the chart from the relationship to the parents, one can assume that Anders was brought up in a rather unloving, cold harsh environment. Aquarian children are very self willed and independent, so maybe young Breivik seemed cool and unemotional, but the hurt of his childhood stayed inside him, making him feel unloved and lacking in self-worth.

Looking at Mercury which represents the mind, we have to consider it’s sign and the aspect to it. In Aquarius we can safely say that Anders’ mind was pretty sceptical and yet objective. The principle action of an Aquarian mind is to question any statement to it’s validity as they see it. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and Aquarians do not change there mind unless they are given proof to do so. Even then, they can be so fixed as to see the proof and then still keep their views valid in their eyes. The early lessons learned through their upbringing stay with them until they are convinced enough to change their views. Aquarians say it as they see it, however with a compassionate edge. If they disagree with you, they will not hold back in telling you, however they will do it such a way as not to overly offend. Now conjunct to the Sun, Anders would speak and think with his views foremost, and conjunct to Mars in Aquarius, the mind is decisive, fast and direct and quite argumentative. This is someone who would speak the truth, even if it was quite unpalatable. Now Mercury received two more aspects from planets. Firstly a square from Uranus in Scorpio. This contributed a interest to the mind of difficult topics, from taboo ones to underground ones. Uranus in Scorpio can make one have extreme views in extremist subjects, like death and destruction, sex, the occult, in truth anything underground and hidden. Yes, I can see one becoming fanatical and obsessed with a point of view when Uranus in Scorpio squares to Mercury. It heightens the senses of an already aggressive Mercury conjunct to Mars. However can you call someone with extremist and fanatical views a psychopath? I could see him being unpredictable and dangerous but not psychotic?

The last connection to Mercury convinces me that Anders Behring Breivik knew exactly what he was doing on 22nd July 2011. This is the quindecile between Saturn and Mercury. Saturn in Virgo if anything steadies the mind and brings a technical, precise quality to it. It makes you cold and calculating. Aquarians are the coolest of cool customers normally, and adding a Saturn quindecile to Mercury brings a chilling focus to how they think and difficult to read in a physical sense. Rarely would you find an unintelligent Aquarian with Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo. Inwardly, they may worry and fret, but outwardly you would never know it. These people can lead you a merry dance and enjoy watching you trying to work out where you are coming from.

It is also worth just looking at any connections from his natal planets to fixed star to see if there were any pertinent ones. One stands out head and shoulders over the others. Breivik’s Venus connected by trine to his ambitions (Saturn) and his emotions (Moon) was on the day of his birth conjunct the fixed star Facies, the eye of the archer in the constellation of Sagittarius. This is a very dangerous place in the sky if activated. Mercury was on this spot back in 1963 when JFK was shot, and here Venus brings a social angle to his ambitions. Brady says it brings “anger at injustices, and seeking a new social order”. She goes on that it gives a “black and white attitude in judgement of social issues”. On this count, Breivik was not insane in his objectives, he totally believed the quest he was on was a just and moral one.

In conclusion, the answer in an Astrological sense to those experts in Norway who have been pondering whether Anders Behring Breivik is psychotic, is in my mind, a resounding NO, and in that sense the judges at the Breivik trial came to the correct decision. With a psychopath I would expect to see some link between Mercury and Neptune, a link with unreality, dreams, believing things that are not really there, having nebulous delusional thoughts. There must be a direct link between Mercury and Neptune for one to sink into a psychotic state, and on Breivik’s chart, Neptune and Mercury are 67 degrees apart, just too wide for me to count a sextile aspect normally 60 degrees) as significant. Even on the midpoint chart there is no link between Mercury and any Neptunian midpoint position.

There is one last midpoint aspect on his chart that I did not look at when I first did his analysis. That is his North Node sitting square to his midpoint of Mars and Pluto. It was his destiny to destroy and to kill the general public in Norway, and this is a destiny unfortunately he carried out with ruthless efficiency. I hope he is never let out to freely walk the streets of Oslo ever again.

Link - Anders Behring Breivik – The horoscope of the Norwegian twin terror attacker.

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