Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Isaac increasing in strength and heading for New Orleans?

New Orleans

I am keeping a very close eye on soon to be Hurricane Isaac as it heads from the Florida Keys into the Gulf of Mexico on a potential collision course with New Orleans. If it hits Louisiana on Wed 29th Aug it will be 7 years to the day since Hurricane Katrina caused huge damage there. Mars which is in intense Scorpio and Neptune will still be just one and a half degrees from an exact trine though this is luckily dissipating. Neptune of course rules water, the sea, rain & wind so Mars will be whipping the storm as it heads north. Seven years ago Hurricane Katrina featured a square aspect between the same two planets, Mars and Neptune!!! This one looks a little less destructive as Katrina had a nasty t-square and a Jupiter Venus conjunction in the mix making the whole storm huge in size, mind you we still have a Uranus Pluto square to deal with as Isaac approaches landfall, and if Pluto or Uranus are on the Midheaven as it hits the coast, there could be widespread destruction and potential flooding…

Have a look at the charts Katrina on the left and a potential scenario for Isaac for landfall late on the 28th Aug.

HurricanKatrina natal HurricaneIsaac natal

Now the paran connections for 30 degrees North, New Orleans'  latitude are not so clever. For 28th August they are as follows :-
Neptune will be setting when Alphard (Hydra) is rising bringing the possibility of "a sad, but natural disaster"
Neptune will culminate when Aculeus (Scorpio) is setting showing " A potential failed attack or weakened defences"
Neptune will be culminating when El Nath (Taurus) is rising bringing "Hopelessness and no control over unfolding circumstances; acts of nature could occur"

Please remember that these paran links are valid for all places along that coastline at 30 degrees North, not just New Orleans.  Hurricanes are dangerous things and if you are in those areas, I urge you to please stay safe...

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