Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fixed Star Connections – 7th June 2012 until Sunday 10th June

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On this day we have three long term fixed star conjunctions in force and a couple of shorter connections valid for the Thursday 7th.

Ok here we go with the long term prognosis. Pluto is still conjunct Facies which holds until the end of July this year and this will ensure that any old connections and alliances which are on shaky ground will be in the process of being reformed. This is a conjunction of the end of one era on planet earth and the beginning of a new one.

Neptune Formalhaut 1

Neptune is now conjunct with both Formalhaut and Sadalmelek. Formalhaut is one of the Royal stars of Persia, the fish which drinks the water that cascades down from the Urn of the Water Bearer in Aquarius which incidentally is represented in the skies by the fixed star Sadalmelek, so we have a real live connection here. Sadalmelek is known as a lucky star and Neptune here suggests that success in ventures is expected, the dreams will become reality, but Neptune’s conjunction with Formalhaut is an unfortunate one. Those lofty ideas which one hopes will bring success will be dashed, hopes will be denied & the real truth will be revealed in all it’s gruesome detail. This will be the case at least until the Neptune Formalhaut conjunction ends on 24th June. Optimism may return thereafter, with Neptune conjunct Sadalmelek conjunct until 24th July, one month later.

Sun Rigel 1

From today through to the end of the week we have only tow short term hit. The Sun is conjunct with Rigel between 6th and 7th June and Bernadette Brady suggests that this will be a day when world governments and leaders alike will start act to sort out a crisis through using direct plans and action. The star sits at the foot of Orion and brings the idea of making a step forward, bringing knowledge to others and trying to learn from a situation so that one can be better prepared next time. Jupiter conjuncts with fixed star Alcyone which sits in the Pleiades. Jupiter is always associated with accepting challenges and taking the odd risk and Brady says that this connection is synonymous with “ a time when brave reforms are suggested”. Brave or foolhardy? In these instances the general public and history decides. Look out for politicians laying their neck on the line, as these ones will be heavily influenced by this Jupiter connection. This connection is valid until 15th June 2012.

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