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The Astrology of 2012 Part 3 – March


After the deep freeze of February (or rather the grey skies and miserable rain here in London), the sun starts to rise higher into the sky and brings with it the promise of spring. March is Pisces’ month heralding the end of the winter cycle. In this post I look at the planetary movements in the 3rd month of the year, March.


4th Mar           Venus opposite Saturn
5th Mar           Mercury conjunct Uranus
5th Mar           Venus enters Taurus
6th Mar           Venus sextile Neptune
8th Mar           Full Moon at 18:13 Virgo
13th Mar         Mercury goes retrograde in Aries
13th Mar         Jupiter trine Pluto – Grand Earth Trine 3rd & final hit (First Hit 7/7/11 2nd 28/10/11)
14th Mar         Mars trine Jupiter – Grand Earth Trine – 2nd hit (First Hit 16/11/11)
14th Mar         Venus conjunct Jupiter
14th Mar         Venus trine Mars
14th Mar         Venus trine Pluto
15th Mar         Mars trine Pluto – Grand Earth Trine – 2nd hit (First Hit 23/11/11)
18th Mar         Mercury conjunct Uranus - 2nd hit
19th Mar         Mars square North/South Node
22nd Mar        New Moon at 2:22 Aries – conjunct Mercury and Uranus
31st Mar         Mars inconjunct Uranus – 2nd hit (First hit 13/11/11)

In this month we have no major outer planets changing sign, so the focus falls on an almost exact grand earth trine in the middle of the month. Mercury also turns retrograde halfway through, bringing some action after what should be a relatively quiet opening couple of days.

In the early days of the month, we have an oppositions between Sun & retrograde Mars as well as one between Venus and Saturn, challenging us (the nature of the opposition can be confrontational) to make serious choices over the relationships in our lives. Relationships will be in focus as Venus rules Libra and that is the sign where Saturn is sitting. On the 4th of the month transiting Pluto hits 9:12 Capricorn. This point on the chart is important as it exactly opposes the eclipse point of last year’s cardinal cross solar eclipse, the one which cause so much mayhem during July & August. I always get a bit concerned when a planet makes an aspect to a previous eclipse degree, as often it coincides with a major event around the world that catches everyone’s attention. The set up of the planets reminds me of many earthquake charts I have seen, a bank of planets in direct motion on one side of the chart counterbalanced by one or two in retrograde motion including one of the outer planets, in this case Saturn. This creates a shearing of energy, which effects on the earth causing the earthquake. This day is also a sensitive time in Russia and coincides with the Presidential elections there.


The feeling I get about this chart is one of underground strict authority taking control despite grumbling opposition. We have two wedges and a t-square with Neptune and Pluto at the focus of them. Socialism or rather communist rule of the state Venus/Saturn/Neptune at the expense of the people (Venus/Saturn square to the Moon) and underground secret action and control at the top of government Sun/Mars//Pluto. There is also a forming Grand Earth trine which tightens as the month goes on consisting of Pluto Jupiter and Mars. I wonder if this signals expansionist control on the agenda? Russia would dearly like to have more influence of the states that broke away after the 1991 fall of the iron curtain. Mars retrograde shows no positive action will be taken at this time, but maybe plans to integrate a wider control (Jupiter/Pluto) may be behind the scenes yet still on the table. Uranus conjunction to Mercury square to Pluto shows intellectual opposition to an election which Putin will win, yet despite the protests and probable election fraud (deceptive Neptune trines authoritarian Saturn and sextiles democratic Venus) it’s a given he’ll take charge for 6 more years.

On 6th March in America is Super Tuesday when there will be GOP contests in the states of Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. With Romney ruled by Neptune, (he is a Sun sign Pisces) it is difficult to tell if transiting Neptune which will be closely square to his Gemini Ascendant will severely help or hinder him. It is my view that the square could prove to be a bit of a challenge to his ego, and after the end of the day he be a bit deflated. Will the others be able to take advantage? Newt Gingrich has the transiting  North Nodes approaching his Midheaven, which should give him a nice boost and popularity. Saturn trines his Sun which is progressive and I think he could do quite well. Rick Santorum has transiting Saturn close to his North Node which normally brings rewards so I expect a good night for him. The rest of the transiting planets on his chart seem relatively supportive for the moment, however as Saturn turns tail in retrograde motion and starts to move away from this North Node conjunction one wonders if the bounce he has had in the last month will really last, as his rather ultra conservative agenda gets scrutinised more closely. On reflection, I think after this round of primaries, the race will still be hugely competitive.  

Moving on. Mercury then exactly conjuncts with Uranus, the first of three connections to Uranus. This conjunction starts a process which allows us to develop new and clever ideas, and to make technological and scientific discoveries. The accent is on moving forward and breaking new ground as this conjunction is in Aries. Venus then enters her own sign Taurus, allowing us to build on and develop the relationship choices we made at the start on the month. Venus then continues on to make a sextile to Neptune, a pleasant dreamy influence before the new Moon in Virgo arrives on 8th of March. Here we are perfecting the inspiration we had from the New Moon in Pisces on 21st February. With Uranus conjunct Mercury and this full Moon seeing a completion of vibrant inspirational energy, anything you have been developing in an artistic or technical sense will get a final flourish of brilliance to finish it off. This will be a truly wonderful time for those who feel creative energy in their soul.

As Mercury stations on the 13th and turns for a retrograde cycle, we have several exact connections within the space of two hectic days. Mercury retrograde affects some people more than others, and I suspect it very much depends on the state of your own Mercury in your own natal chart in how it affects you personally. Those with Mercury direct in their chart do tend to suffer when Mercury turns to move backwards, however those with it retrograde in their own chart (as Barack Obama has) seem to thrive under this influence. Generally for the majority, you will see technical hitches, transport delays and trouble with communication for the following 3-4 weeks. This influence can also bring setbacks and last minute changes of plan. It is never a good thing to sign important documents under this influence.


Through the 13th and 14th the grand earth trine between Mars Jupiter and Pluto connects exactly at 9 degrees earth (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn). This is a very powerful formation joined by Venus conjunct to Jupiter, where one can achieve a lot in a short time. The ideal essence here is to set down and lay firm foundations as the trine is in earth. Take any of these buzzwords and apply it in the best way you can to your own life. The trine will allow you to apply these energies very easily i.e. Learning (Jupiter) to create (Venus) by transforming (Pluto) and perfecting in an enthusiastic way (Mars).

Jupiter – Knowledge, learning, expanding, wisdom, travelling, optimism, discovering, ruling, celebrating, publishing  Venus – Relating, attracting, harmony, creating, loving, wanting  Pluto – Controlling, transforming, blocking, changing, regenerating, eliminating, destroying, secretive, jealous, hidden  Mars Retrograde in Virgo – energetically, violently, enthusiastically, positively however the energy is used in a precise manner to correct and perfect. This energy will be directed inwardly on the self reflecting the retrograde direction of Mars, and not in an external way onto others as it would be if Mars was travelling direct.

In a global sense, as with the Russian example I gave earlier, I do see controls clamping down on freedom of expression under this grand trine. Mars which would normally act or speak out will remain muted through until April when it finishes it’s retrograde motion. There may also be destruction or changes on a wide or even international scale. Looking back to when these planets made their first hits, the News of The World newspaper was closed under the first Jupiter trine to Pluto (eliminating knowledge) as well as the first pictures of a storm on Saturn were published (knowledge of something previously hidden). In Nepal, the local community were banned from celebrating the Dalai Lama’s birthday (control on celebrations of a faith leader). On 28th Oct the second Jupiter connection, there were floods in Thailand and Italy (wide-scale destruction), austerity measures in Greece (control of expanding finance) & a new President in Ireland (celebrations of a change of power), all these events fitting the Jupiter/Pluto influence. It is hugely difficult to predict specific events, but the themes are there, control of international and local freedoms, liberation of things that were previously secret or hidden and potential destruction of a big scale. Silvio Berlusconi’s trial over a banking scandal is due to start on March 15th. Would Jupiter trine Pluto be commensurate with the potential conviction and confinement of one who is so rich & famous? You know this mid March period could be a really busy time in the world.

On the 18th Mercury now moving in retrograde motion conjuncts with Uranus, so this is time to action a review any ideas or concepts that we had earlier in the month, and on 19th Mars squares the Nodal Axis. This is like a Mars connection to the South Node, so there may be confrontations or disagreements in the air, depending on what part of your chart Mars is travelling through. You may be asked to make compromises or deal with matters as a result of past decisions or actions. Do not underestimate this square as it may bring some interesting happenings. Canada will feel it with Sun sextile, Jupiter opposite, Uranus sextile and Midheaven trine to transiting Mars. Interestingly Mars conjuncts Cyprus’ Venus and squares Greece’s Neptune as well as opposing Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Sun (the Turkish Prime Minister). Will the division of Cyprus between Greece and Turkey come back into the news? Elsewhere Mars squares Mario Monti’s Saturn, so the new Italian PM may have some issues to deal with or may have to eat some humble pie and compromise his principles. In Syria, this Mars squares President Assad’s nodal Axis coinciding with his half Nodal return. I have been saying for months now that I expected Assad to finally go in late March and I firmly believe that this is when the dream for him will finally comes to an end.


The Syria question is heightened by the New Moon in Aries on 22nd March. This will be another potent new Moon as it conjuncts Mercury and crucially Uranus. Is this the sign of revolution in the air? The new Moon at 2:22 Aries opposes Syria’s Neptune. Could this be a new dawn for the oppressed masses, the freshness of a new Moon cycle bringing a drive for independence shown by Uranus? On a personal level, this is a time to bring kindness and humanitarian help to those around you. Normally with an Aries new Moon I would be urging everyone to act and go out and start new projects, to initiate change around in their lives, however with both Mars and Saturn retrograde, it is better to keep those urges under wraps until mid April when Mars turns the corner.  

The month ends on an irritable note with an inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) from retrograde Mars to Uranus. This is a second hit of this particular aspect, the first on 13th Nov 2011 coincided with Berlusconi who I mentioned earlier resigning from power. Might things go from bad to worse for him at this time? There could be a few nasty accidents or mishaps happening as these two planets connect, be careful if you have any planets at 5 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn). Silvio by the way has his Sun at 5 Libra!!

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